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Liz Roche

Massage Therapist
Pilates Instructor
Health Coach



Our clinical massage sessions are tailored to your specific goals. We can help you address chronic pain, injuries, chronic stress, and athletic recovery. With our skilled approach that combines neuromuscular and deep tissue techniques, fascial stretching, scraping, cupping, and on-the-table breathing exercises, we can assist you in your health journey! We also offer manual lymphatic drainage sessions that can be integrated into your massage session or can be scheduled as a stand-alone service.  



Individualized Pilates sessions are based on your specific goals and fitness level. We are equipped with a full Cadillac/Reformer combo machine, Studio Reformer, and Ladder Barrel. Experience the benefits of this profound approach to total wellness. Whether you are looking for pain relief, a recovery session, or adding strength training into your repertoire, our Pilates approach can assist you!

Sessions beginning in November! 



Take your wellness journey to a focus on your insides! Diagnostic testing helps us figure out a path to better overall health and wellness. 

Coming Soon!

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

We provide services that help restore resiliency in the human body and mind. Our approach helps our clients maintain their daily activities at optimal performance levels. Through clinical massage and Pilates-based movement sessions, we can assist our clients achieve their goals to live healthy, active lifestyles. We work with other heath care providers including physical therapists and chiropractors to provide optimal care. 

About Liz

Liz Roche is an experienced clinical massage therapist and Pilates instructor.  She works with a variety of populations including youth athletes, professional and recreational athletes, and people suffering from chronic pain. She is mesmerized by the impact breathing and manual fascial tissue therapy has on her clients, especially when combined with intentional movement, such as Pilates.

Real Testimonials coming soon! Let us know if you would like to leave one!

Liz Roche

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